From a Young Professionals Perspective

“Beth takes a holistic approach to career coaching, considering the person beyond the resume and providing creative insight into the development of a career plan. She encourages personal introspection throughout the process and provides guidance tailored to the individual. I approached Beth looking for assistance in initiating a job search and ended up gaining a partner that helped me totally redesign my career goals and trajectory.  A new path ahead is illuminated for me thanks to Beth’s unceasing determination to find me the perfect fit.”


Chicago, Healthcare

“I thought this meeting was going to be a drag. I mean, my parent signed me up and I was dreading it. BUT it turned out to be the kick-start I needed!”


Ohio, Student

“Dave helped me understand how to present myself on the interview to showcase my passion, my skills and my goals. I learned how to tell a story that clearly integrated the school’s goals with my abilities”.


Ohio, Education

From a Working Professionals Perspective

“Beth has mentored me in every aspect of my professional development, from building a network and looking for my next opportunity to navigating political situations. Her advice and mentorship have and continue to be invaluable.”


Washington, DC, Government

“Beth is a fantastic mentor — helping me with the job search process and in my own professional development. Her expertise in personal marketing and her knowledge on how to navigate the corporate structure is amazing. She knows her stuff and her guidance continues to be invaluable.”

Phillip, PhD

Chemical Engineer, FDA

“Beth has been fundamental in helping me figure out my next step in my career. She didn’t just focus on getting me to the next rung on the professional ladder. Instead she helped me take a well rounded look at what that ideal next step would mean for me both personally and professionally. Her guidance gave me the motivation and direction to start my own business and I’ve never been happier!”


Columbus, Ohio

“Beth helped me untangle all of my passions and career goals to give me a framework to find my dream job. I was able to take her advice and explore what would make me happy. Once I found that type of role in the industry I wanted, she helped me tailor my resume and LinkedIn to be the perfect fit! All along the way she was available to me for phone calls and emails, even though I am located in New York and she in Ohio. In the end, it was her plan that helped me prepare for interviews, find the confidence in myself to go for what I wanted, and impress the interviewers with my experience – something I already had but she helped me to use it to my advantage. Her tools continue to be of use and I know I can ask her for guidance or advice at any step of my career. I just started my new (dream!) job, and am so excited for the future. Thanks, Beth!”


NY, New York, Insights Analyst

“Beth is an amazing coach who takes the time to listen and understand all the little things that add up to the big picture before providing her recommendations.  She is extremely personable and her suggestions are thoughtful, concise and easily executable to achieve your specific goals”.


North Carolina, Marketing

From a Parents Perspective

“We quickly learned that a degree from an Ivy League School is no guarantee of immediate employment in one’s chosen field of study, and that college counseling offices provide woefully inadequate guidance in landing a job in one’s chosen career path. Beth’s thorough coaching throughout the job search process gave our son the confidence and skills to find a well-paying job in his chosen profession in much less time than he spent “going it on his own.” It was money well-spent to protect that college investment!”



“We hired Beth Gray to assist our son with applications to grad school as well as obtaining a job in the interim.  It’s rare someone exceeds your expectations, but Beth truly did just that in every way.  She got our son on track by having him accountable for timelines, deliverables and goals. She developed skills in him that he will carry for the rest of his life. One example is she practiced interviewing with him before a grad school interview or job interview.  She discussed the details such as what to wear, how to wear a watch and shut off the phone.   She was great with our son in developing a relationship that was trusted by our entire family. In fact, we think of her as a friend.  We could sleep well at night knowing Beth was handling everything. Our son did get accepted into numerous grad schools and now has a part time job.  He has more confidence in himself than I have ever seen.  We will be forever grateful to Beth and I highly recommend her to everyone I know.”

Laurie Mondlak