What we do. How we do it.

We believe there are 3 crucial areas of development that will provide the foundation for your career plan.


We start with YOUR STORY.  You are the sum of all your experiences, interests, values, expectations and desires. How do you set, organize and leverage thoughts into an appropriate start to your career? GMC uses a combination of assessment tools, self-reflection techniques and a personal relationship, to translate thoughts into a personal brand and customized action plan.

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you like?
  3. What skills do you have?
  4. How do you leverage them?
  5. Where should you stretch yourself to new challenges?

Our coaches will help you learn to develop the competence and confidence to seek, discover, and utilize opportunities. Working with us will help you define your personal brand. Are you the innovative maverick? An experienced, reliable individual? An entrepreneur? An academic? A mission-driven educator?


We start with COMMUNICATING WHO YOU ARE, BOTH IN PERSON & WRITING.  There are basics required for any form of job search you initiate. Whether you communicate who you are with a resume or a portfolio, the goal is more than demonstrating experience. It is the beginning of telling YOUR STORY, to make others want to know more.  And you will certainly need to tackle an interview somewhere along the line on your quest. Perhaps many. That continues the chance to share your brand.  And how about initial “cold call” contacts with target employers? … we can help you do that too.

  1. Create a resume that allows an employer to see the value you see in yourself
  2. Write cover letters that draw in the reader
  3. Master email communications to be effective, professional, and results-oriented
  4. Improve interview skills in all situations: group, telephone, one on one
  5. Understand and leverage professional networking
  6. Use social and emotional intelligence to engage and communicate

In short, you will learn the skills to “market” yourself in critical conversations and present a genuine, meaningful picture of who you are.


We start with GETTING YOUR BRAND IN FRONT OF THE RIGHT PEOPLE. How do you define and find the right job? We believe there may be multiple career paths that will be appropriate for you, but you have to start with conviction and desire … We take you through an 8-step process that will put you on a path to a successful and fulfilling career. Key steps in the process include:

  1. Research industries, the scope of jobs, and companies that match you best
  2. Build a personal connection map
  3. Ask the right questions of the right people
  4. Navigate the hierarchy of the hiring process
  5. Negotiate to win

You will learn to be efficient and effective in tracking your progress and keeping on top of your connections for positive communication and outcomes.

Our Process

1. Meet/Greet

Let’s start with a half hour chat to see how this unique, personalized service can help make amazing changes in your present & future life.

2. Identify Meaningful Goals

Together we create a road map and identify what you would like to accomplish short & long term.

3. Start Your Journey

Now the fun begins! As a team, we will initiate the steps to achieve your milestones.

4. Keep in Touch

After we help you achieve your goal, we want to stay in touch to hear how you’re doing and talk through new ambitions.

Let’s personalize your brand